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Soulfish air plate

Soulfish air plate

SKU: 41901


1. The shell of this product is made of high-transparency material, which is well hidden when placed in water, and is elegant and not obtrusive.

2. The air outlet structure is special, and the air hole will not be blocked after long-term use.

3. Detachable structure, easy to clean and maintain.

Size : 80mm (3.15 inch)

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    1. When it is found that there is a lot of scale or algae attached to the surface of the gas pan stone, which affects the appearance and air output, it can be cleaned and maintained.

    2. After dismantling the gas disc stone, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth, then rinse it with clean water.

    3 When the small buckles in the middle of the gas plate are too tight and difficult to remove, you can use scissors to gently hold the two small round inner grooves in the middle, and rotate counterclockwise .

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